Slouchy beanie, Hemp Wool Tam, Hippie hat, Dread Tam, woman slouchy beanie, man slouch hat, hemp beanie, wool hat, striped slouchy hat, tam

$ 25.00

Nature's finest yarn combination for your head
Hemp & Wool blend, suitable for summer and winter, temperature balancing and very earthy.
Beautiful calm tones in natural (undyed), brown, purple, blue, chili, curry and sage.
Hemp is a very durable sustainable natural material and is softened with wool for a comfortable head gear.
I have used the slouchy beanie style and mainly a small-gaped open weave.
Let it sag in the back or tuck in your hair.
This hat may be not suitable for very long dreads, should for sure hold short to medium dreads and long hair, please check measurements. Great for any kind of hair do.
Width at brim 22", stretches to 27", cinches smaller with drawstring
Length from crown to rim 11"
Widest point across 11,5"
Hand washing and flat drying only! Care suggestions always come in your package.