Bright cotton slouchy beanie small dread tam hat summer beanie

$ 16.00

Made with 100% multi colored cotton in pink, yellow, orange, light green and white.
Wear it to the beach, while gardening or driving. Or work to cover up your hair or moderate dreads.
It will hold up your hair or you can just let it sag in the back. Vegan suitable. The pictures show 2 fits: wig and braids tucked into the hat and how it fits if the hair is not tucked in.
Width at rim 20 inches, stretches to 25 inches and cinches smaller with a drawstring,
Length from crown to rim 9,5 inches which is a popular length for small dreads, low volume natural curls or straight long hair. Great for short cuts as well. Not recommended for very long thick dreadlocks.
Widest point across the hat (laying flat) 12 inches
Nicely worked with gaps between the loops for an open weave pattern, this ensures a lot of stretch and air flow.
Hand washing and flat drying is recommended, I include care instructions in each package.