Black Cotton Artist Beret Tam Dreadlocks Hippie Dread Slouchy Beanie Hat,slouchy hat, man beret

$ 20.00

Cotton beret style tam in solid black cotton worked in a closed double-loop stitching pattern. All-year-around tam without any frills.
Sturdy medium weight cotton yarn, easy laundry care.
This is a good quality basic cotton yarn which is also used for crafting potholders and other kitchen items, it is not mercerized (coated surface for extra shine), though. It nicely holds its shape, better than thinner mercerized cotton yarns which tend to drape down.
Measurements: The crown has a diameter of approx. 12 inches when laying flat
Head opening is 20 inches unstretched and stretches to 25 inches, I include a tie-string.
The hat is 9 inches deep.
Ideal for short to long hair and smaller dreads, will be too small for supersized dreadlocks .

Easy laundry care, I will include care suggestions.