Very slouchy black Hemp Wool Tam Hat Hippie Slouchy Beanie dread men women extra long

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Hippie tam in beautiful supreme blend of 35% hemp and 65% wool. Light weight, the yarn is smooth and uniform in thickness (if you know hemp you will know that this is not always the case) . Solid black and worked in a closed double-loop stitching pattern. It still has small gaps between the loops as it has been crocheted with a thinner yarn. This makes it a breathable all-year-around tam without any frills.
Great for women and men.
Large enough for long dread locks, but compare measurements for a good fit.
Rim: 22-28", cinches smaller with tie-string
Depth (from rim to crown) 13" (please make sure you you want an extra long tam sock tam hat)
Width when laying flat 12,5" measured at widest point (in crown area across)
Material: hemp/wool blend, made in Italy, supreme quality

Care suggestions come in your package.