Spring Green Slouchy Beanie, Snood Hat small Dread Tam hat, cotton blend Bohemian Handmade hat

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Bohemian slouchy beanie a vibrant yet grounded earthy cotton blend yarn. It has been worked in an OPEN double-loop stitching pattern. All-year-around tam with a nice subtle sheen. Stretchy and ideal to wrangle your dreads or long hair!
Very soft, sturdy and easy laundry care. Acrylic, cotton, polyamide, very stretchy.
Measurements: 9 inches LONG (depth)
Head opening is about 19 inches unstretched and stretches to 25 inches, cinches smaller with a drawstring.
Ideal for very long hair or shorter dreads, if you have very long and very thick dreads please look for my larger designs or send me a message about making a longer tam for you.
This tam has some stretch left though.
Care suggestions come in each package.