Mixed berries beanie, Red Tam Dread hat, Hippie Slouchy beanie, smaller Dreadlocks Crochet Beanie, woman beanie,

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Made with the new generation acrylic yarns (vegan) in subtle self-striping colors and very soft touch and feel. I have hand crocheted it with closed double-loop stitching pattern. All-year-around tam without any frills. Reds and red-pink.
Sturdy, soft and colorfast acrylic yarn, easy laundry care.
Head opening is 20 inches unstretched and stretches to 26 inches, cinches smaller with tie-string.
The hat is approx. 10 inches deep.
Width measured across with hat laying flat 11,5"
Tie-string is woven through a crochet row towards the rim to allow width adjustment.
Ideal for short to long hair and medium length dreads.
Care suggestions are included in your package.